Monday, November 19, 2018

TOP 10 Non-Material Gifts Your Family Will Love

I have really been scaling down the amount of material gifts I give for Christmas, over the last few years. As the busiest shopping season of the year approaches, I wanted to share this list with you. Recently, I've been focusing on gifts that will either create memories that will last forever, or services that will save the recipient time, money, or help them out in some way. That being said, here's my list of TOP 10 non-material gifts your family will love.

1. Theme park tickets (Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, Disney, etc.)
2. Local attraction passes (Parks, historic homes, zoos, etc.)
3. Annual memberships (magazine, Amazon Prime, Kindle unlimited, Audible, etc)
4. Tickets to a show (concert tickets, movie theater tickets, local stage theater tickets, etc.)
5. Redbox card or video streaming membership (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
6. Cleaning Service (great idea for busy moms!)
7. Photo Session (get a gift certificate from a local photographer)
8. A year's worth of oil changes, or car washes (perfect for the new teen driver!)
9. Gift cards toward a vacation (Disney/ Cruise line/ Hotels)
10. And last, but not least, a family vacation.  This is what my family is doing this year. We are taking a family vacation this year during the holidays. I decided since it's everyone's Christmas gift, I would splurge a little as well. So, we have some fancy dinner reservations, a horse drawn carriage ride, and each person is getting cash for souvenirs. 

Happy Holidays!

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