Thursday, October 25, 2018

Kings Dominion Day!

One thing I do every year, for Christmas, is give my kids tickets to something.  The last few years it has been season passes to Kings Dominion.  I'm switching it up this year, but I'm not sharing that yet, since the big kids may be reading this ;)

We are super excited for the brand new Winterfest, opening this year, but I wanted to share some photos from a recent visit. Before we even entered the park, we saw some people we had to meet!

Let me stop right here and mention again that my son is almost 14. Getting him to take character photos is a huge WIN any day!

Once we were in the park, we hit our favorite rides.  Taking three kids, by myself can be a challenge, because my girls prefer the kids area, while my son loves the bigger coasters.  One thing I do to make my life a little easier is to plan ahead as much as possible.  Before leaving the house, we decide which rides we HAVE to go on which ones we WANT to go on, and which ones we can skip.  At the park we typically do one bigger ride for every 2-3 smaller rides.  The kids take turns choosing which ride to go on next, out of the choices I give them (based on where we are in the park, and our list of have tos and want tos). Of course I drive them crazy with all the beautiful photo ops this park has!

One of our family favorites is the antique cars.  We all love them, and it's a nice break from the heat and walking.  The line moves very quickly, and it's a slow, shaded ride. This time we actually rode three times, because the kids each wanted to drive, and there was NO LINE!

I will just say that I am so glad there's a track, because we probably would've ended up in a tree. 

My biggest complaint about Kings Dominion is the food prices. I will never understand why they have to jack up the prices for theme park food. $15 for a (mediocre) slice of pizza and a drink is a little insane. We split two meals, for lunch, then grabbed dinner on the way home. I can't wait to go back for Winterfest!

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