Monday, November 12, 2018

5 Ways I Take Care of My Mental Health

One of the biggest challenges that comes from being a single parent is the amount of stress. From being the only disciplinarian, to balancing a single income budget, and trying to be in a million places at once, raising kids on your own is a tough job.  Taking care of your mental health is extremely important- not only for yourself but for your kids as well. You know the old airline saying about who do you put the mask on first? You put yours on first, so that you're able to take care of your child. It's the same thing with your mental health.  If you are stressed out, frustrated, or losing your mind, you need to get your head right, so you can be the best version of yourself. You and your kids deserve it.

So, I wanted to share a few things I do on a regular, and not so regular, basis, to keep myself in top shape, mentally.  (I want to note that I also struggle with depression, so I'm not always at my best, but these tips really do help most of the time). 

1. Keep a journal.  I take a few minutes every night to write down at least three positive things from the day.  Doing this at the end of the day puts me in a positive mood before going to sleep. 

2. Exercise. If I find myself getting stressed, I go for a walk. I listen to some of my favorite music, and just enjoy the fresh air, and pretty scenery.  

3. Unplug, and watch a movie. I do this one a lot, especially during the holidays, when all the Christmas movies are on (Hello, Hallmark Christmas movies). I turn my phone off, and just relax, and enjoy the movie. I usually do this after the kids are in bed for the night. 

4. Laugh. Call your BFF, and catch up on the latest celebrity gossip or chat about the cute barista who you've both been drooling over, but doesn't know you exist! I love having that girl time. 

5. Take a kid-free vacation.  I take at LEAST one mom-cation every year. I've gone big- spending a couple days at Disney World with one of my best friends, and I've gone smaller- going to a local hotel for a night, order room service, and sleep in. I almost always go to my company's annual conference, which is a great way to write off a mom-cation on my taxes! 

What are some of your best mommy mental health tips? 

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